A crisis is a bold time to start a hospital.

Community hospitals are struggling to survive. Access to care is disap­pearing. Providers are burning out.

It all stems from a system of care delivery that hasn’t changed—not really—in over 100 years. Faced with fundamental questions, hospitals are buckling under century old answers.

Why isn’t care provided consistently from patient to patient?

Why are patients kept in hospital when outcomes are better at home?

Why aren't providers empowered to make efficient use of their time?

Why is work-life balance so hard to achieve as a provider?

Why do operating rooms sit empty on weekends as patient backlogs grow?

Why does knowledge collect in siloes rather than inform the whole institution?

Why do hospitals grow in size and complexity rather than out into their communities?

If we don’t do something bold, the system will break. Bolting on software isn't enough. AI will not save us. Half measures have failed again and again.

But we can fix it, if we work from the ground up.

The best time to reinvent the hospital was yesterday. The next best time is today.


The community hospital for our future.